Review: Belvedere

““Fast Forward Eats the Tape””
(Union 2112 Records)

Perfectly producing rapid fire strums without surrendering miraculous harmony and melody, Belvedere molds Fast Forward Eats the Tape into a masterpiece.  Fast Forward is definitely for any fans of a more aggressive punk sound or for anyone into the bouncier punk influence.  Technical riffs make their way into every few songs without spending too much time in the dungeon and confusing the ears.  In addition, each instrument, rather than creating a mess of sound, serves as a part of the whole and each compliments the others just when you thought they had reached their capacity.  Lyrically, they consider the spectrum from social issues on “Bad Decisions” to our enlightenment on “All About Perspectives” (“Don’t change the channel, change the medium/The world outside becomes the best escape/Don’t change the channel, try to change your mind”).  So turn off your television and let’s jam out.