Review: Cuts


Who do you think is the most copied frontman of all time?  My money is on Mick.  I think I’ve seen more heroin-thin, tight pants wearing, funny face making Mick Jagger wannabes than any other singer.  And who could blame them?  I’d like to be Mick, too.  Hell, I’ve been him for Halloween the last two years.  Garett Goddard would like to be Mick, also.  He struts and rooster-walks his way through all eleven tracks on the Cuts’ new album, with big riffs behind him and a smolderingly vacant stare in front.  The Cuts do a good job of channeling the Stones, too, as “Salt in My Wounds” harkens back to a “Play with Fire” feel, organ included.   There’s a lot to like on the rest of the album-it’s sparse, it’s raw, it’s loud and fun.  It’s worth your time and worth a listen.