Review: Dynamite Boy

Dynamite Boy
“Self Titled”
(Fearless Records)

I want more.  Not more music, I just want more from my music.  I want music that’s mine-not music for everyone who happens to be shopping in the Young Men’s Department at Nordstrom.  Dynamite Boy play Nordstrom-punk.  Punk wasn’t meant to be background music.  Punk was supposed to punch you in the face and make you take notice.  And I’m not saying that pop-punk bands can’t make music that’s not good; not at all.  I’m just saying there needs to be some difference between the songs.  Change up your sound a bit.  Change a beat, put in a different bridge, don’t go verse-chorus-verse, don’t start with a guitar solo, do something to shake up the monotony, or else you’re going to end up getting piped through dressing rooms across the greater Southern California area.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Take Yellowcard, arguably one of the most annoyingly one-dimensional bands ever.  Raise your hand if you thin they’ll be around two years from now?  Dynamite Boy is cut from the same mold, safe for your radio, your mall, your funeral.