Review: Folly

““Insanity Later””
(Triple Crown Records)

I’m sure you are familiar with the lucrative practice of being a “crossover act.”  Well, that being said, the Ricky Martin’s and J. Lo’s of the world may be appalled at their newest counterpart.  Folly blends so many styles on “Insanity Later” that I hesitate to call them one or the other…or the other.  First, it’s screeching breakdowns akin to Every Time I Die, then some unique beats and altering vocals chime in before a punching-bag-fast punk beats takes over.  This, of course, all crescendos into a classic hardcore breakdown such as the final measures of “The Weak and the Wounded.”  I’d be holding out if I didn’t also tell you to listen for the indie guitar lines and ska beats.  Yes, it’s true.  Songs like the enhanced CD-only “Broken” transition so smoothly between genres that I sit up suddenly and wonder if that really just happened.  At least give it a shot if this sounds too confusing to bother with.  You won’t regret it.  Style points at least earn them a cursory listen.