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Band Profile: Turnstile


  Turnstile is a lesson in ‘how its done’. Formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010, the band has relentlessly toured, played shows, wrote music, and generally embraced the hardcore ethos of the edgy, core, punk-laced scene that surrounded them. What…

Nervosa = all female Brazilian thrash


I want to move to Brazil. Remember when Sepultura was the shit? My friends would all say, ‘Yeah man, they are like the number one selling band in Brazil. Brazilians know what is up with metal.’ This was before the internet.…

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard get trippy


Best. Band. Name. Ever. They are from Australia and make super-psychedelic acid-lounge music. They have an album called, ‘Quarters’. Composed of four, 10-minute long tracks. It’s on Heavenly Recordings. The first epic, yet chillaxing song is called, ‘The River’. Perfect…