Modern Fix

The Adolescents

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These guys are all about the old school approach to punk rock. Play it loud, play it fast and lemme hear it raw as fuck! During the mid-80’s these guys helped write the blueprint for punk rock with bands like Social Distortion and Agent Orange. Re-formed and re-energized, the Adolescents are here with a collection of older classics on this Kung Fu “The Show Must Go Off” live release. The band sounds tight and polished throughout the album’s 20 tracks making it a decent live effort. I was never a big fan but this release made me want to check out some of their older stuff. The band has some great socially aware lyrics that really grabbed you by the throat and force you to think. If you haven’t heard of the Adolescents here then this is a great starting place for new fans or for old ones who just want to throw on some classic tunes again.

James Wright