Review: A18

“Dear Furious”

Hardcore with an older school feel.  Meaning it’s got a lot more punk and a lot less agro-chunk guitars.  Just big riffs jacked hard, vocals screaming and straining.  The members have all put time in previous SoCal hardcore bands before uniting in A18.  They are straight edge.  I think being straight edge pisses bands off.  It’s hard watching the general population eat, drink, smoke and fuck the world into the toilet while they have to sit back and watch.  And for that, I do apologize.  But it does seem to be a severe source of motivation and inspiration for sXe bands.  Good for them.  Be productive.  Make ripping punked up hardcore like A18.  Keep it straight ahead.  Loud, fast and hard.  You’ve heard this stuff before, although contrary to many lazy journalists, they don’t sound anything like Hatebreed or Terror.  The hardcore genre is much too specialized to make sweeping comparisons like that.  Might as well say Papa Roach sounds like Shadows Fall because they are both metal.  But A18 is hardcore with some solid punk and metal roots and delivers a solid blow with “Dear Furious”.