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On their fifth release, Pulley are coming to terms with who they are and what their place is in this wacky music scene. Lead singer and sportsman Scott Radinsky offers lyrics with substance as the band fastidiously works through the 12 tracks on ³Matters². Some of the tracks, in particular, showcase the sagacity of this venerable combo. ³Insects Destroy² is an introspective spelunk through their inner demons and some other demons they found along the way, all tracked over stampeding guitars and aaaah-ing backup vocals. Wow, I almost wrote vox. I hate it when people write vox. Who does that? Do those same nerds call their eyeglasses their bifox? ³Looking Back² is a slightly more melodic retrospective of the various times that the boys in Pulley have endured and enjoyed together, with the refrain, ³It¹s all about me/the reflection I see,² intimating a sense of isolation and loss. Overall, ³Matters² is another solidly constructed effort from Radinsky and the boys that adds a new layer of texture and depth to the Pulley oeuvre.

Scott Burroughs