Review: Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

Platform: PC
Developer: Activision
Publisher: Fizz Factor
Players: 1

Something to point out, I got stuck with the PC version of SpiderMan2, which is entirely different from the console version. From all accounts, the console version is a decent game. The PC version is so terrible, Fizz Factor should be run out of town on a rail (or forced to play this mind numbingly dull game until their eyes bleed).

The movie tie-in is thin at best. Voice acting is phoned in. Camera controls swing around wildly. The dynamic ‘free roaming city’ the console game boasts is stripped down and completely run on a different ‘swing engine’ than the console. In this version, you have to find ‘hot spots’ on the walls to websling, or even more insulting, hit these random, floating webs that just hang in the air, but allow you to swing around corners and gain height. But they make no sense.

‘Side missions’ are tedious and unchallenging with the punch / kick combat that takes no skill whatsoever. And Fizz Factor actually thought making a ‘speed course’ to swing through (a rip on GTA speed courses, complete with glowing blue circles as checkpoints) would be fun. They are not. The only area that might have presented any kind of challenge would be the weak-ass bosses. But this game is so dumbed down, they show you, in a step by step diagram, exactly how to defeat the boss right before you fight them. Why don’t you guys just play the game for me as well? I beat this in about 6 hours, and that’s with liberal goofing off because the actual game got boring real quick. Check out the console or skip this all together.

Seriously, the whole movie to game franchise tie-in concept is always on shaky ground, you don’t need crap factories like Fizz Factor bringing the genre down this much more