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Review: Green Day

Green Day “Shenanigans” (Reprise) Well, as much as I’ve always enjoyed Green Day’s releases (and this album is no exception), I found myself wanting a fourteen original songs as opposed to rereleases (referring to last year’s CD/DVD release, “International Superhits”)…

Review: Guster

Guster “Keep it Together” (Reprise) Guster’s original quirky lyrics and strong vocal abilities are clearly demonstrated on their latest release, “Keep it Together.”  The distinct folk flavor blends well with traditional rock influences and alternative undertones.  Percussionist Brian Rosenworcel totally…

Interview: Mastadon

Interview Mastadon

“Right now I need to get away from it,” says an exhausted Brann Dailor. Brann is exhausted because his band, Mastadon, is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to “Remission”, which was critically acclaimed by fan and press alike.

Review: The Hives

The Hives “Veni Vidi Vicious” (Burning Heart / Sire / Reprise) What the hell is going on in Sweden? Here’s another fine band from the chunk of land best known for a bikini team, whatever the fuck that is. At…