Review: Guster

“Keep it Together”

Guster’s original quirky lyrics and strong vocal abilities are clearly demonstrated on their latest release, “Keep it Together.”  The distinct folk flavor blends well with traditional rock influences and alternative undertones.  Percussionist Brian Rosenworcel totally rips it up on the bongos, giving Guster an unparalleled rhythmic flow reminiscent of a relaxing day at beach.  Acoustic guitar work from vocalists Adam Gardner and Ryan Miller round out Guster’s highly anticipated fourth release, revealing extensive instrumental and vocal development since their last album, “Lost and Gone Forever”.

Not only are their tunes catchy, but also sincerely formed and presented.  It’s hard to pick a favorite track, they’re all damn good.  However, “Amsterdam”, “Red Oyster Cult” and “Jesus on the Radio” definitely evoke cheer and wonderment in the mind.  Overall, Guster provides a positive melodic experience for any listener craving a fresh alternative to the flooded market of hot-bodied pop stars.