Review: Fireball Ministry “The Second Great Awakening”


Fireball Ministry
“The Second Great Awakening”
(Nuclear Blast)

Oh my gawd, is that Ozzy circa 1970 “Paranoid”? Wow, man, you got those sludgy distortions running thick across them bar chords that you are laying down like lines don’t cost a thing tonight baby! Woooooo! Yeah, rock this shit up. 70’s style with a van and black light water-bed thing happening in the back. And you know this van is a rocking, but you can come a-knocking baby. The drummer rocks a fucking cowbell for Chrissakes. If you can throw down, convert your heathen soul with this Fireball Ministry. The foursome is split between the sexes, so it’s got enough chemistry to bow down before the holy grail of rock. The word has been written. The line to fight about it starts here.