Review: J-Zone

“$ick of Bein’ Rich”
(Fat Beats / Razor and Tie / Old Maid)

“Say what? You wanna borrow what? You wanna borrow a dollar? I’m J-Zone not Wells Fargo” Jarret aka J-Zone is a funny motherfucker; put some beats behind him, and the man makes a good album. “$ick of Bein’ Rich” revolves around fake bling, shitty cars and a generally hooptie vibe, and it works. As expected, his lyrics are unabrassive, funny and often times unconventional, but what has changed from his previous independent releases is that the beats are finally worthy of the vocals. And with guest spots like Copywrite’s (on the sick track “Prima Donna”) along with the usual jabs and gritty humor work you can ALWAYS expect from J-Zone’s throat (see “Too Many Babies”), this album is more proof that independent heads know better than the platinum goofballs you can read about in ‘credible’ magazines like Source (hah).