Review: Integrity

“To Die For”

Integrity is from Cleveland, did you know that?  Cleveland is famous for a lot of reasons, such as being home to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame.  Integrity is not really famous, but neither are you, and I still think you’re alright.  Integirty has been around for a long time, did you know that?  Fifteen years and now, after a label change and a switch at lead guitar, they’re back with a surprisingly mature sounding LP.

Mixing the fury and rage of Chimera and Sworn Enemy with the breakdowns of Throwdown, “To Die For” is nothing short of a metal-fueled apocalyptic hymn.  Integrity still finds time to flesh out the album with little interludes and some killer solos, too.  You can rest assured that all of the violently anti-establishment ethos is still intact, as Dwid belts out line after line like, “The reek of human blood brings laughter to my heart” and “Bleed beneath your dreams, a sea of flesh never blessed.”  Sure, he needs a little therapy, but who doesn’t?  I mean, who are you to judge?  Freaking jerk.