Review: Green Day

Green Day

Well, as much as I’ve always enjoyed Green Day’s releases (and this album is no exception), I found myself wanting a fourteen original songs as opposed to rereleases (referring to last year’s CD/DVD release, “International Superhits”) or a bunch of singles/rarities compiled into one CD, which is what “Shenanigans” is. Aside from the Japanese’s 15 song release (they include one extra song, “DUI”), this album consists of: “Suffocate”, “Desensitized”, “You Lied”, “Outsider”, “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”, “Espionage” (barely a GD song; it was in Austin Powers), “I Want To Be On TV”, “Scumbag”, “Tired Of Waiting”, “Sick Of Me”, “Rotting”, “Do Da Da”, “On The Road Again”, and the until-now unreleased song “Ha Ha You’re Dead”. Not exactly a fresh batch of music for the Green Day fan, but a nice selection of songs for $10. It’s kind of wierd, seeing how Green Day has decided to slightly whore themselves out by pushing already-released music, something not really akin to the band in the past. Hopefully, we won’t see a ‘remix’ album by some lame ass DJ, because that would be, uh, lame. Lame? How old am I, 14?