The Darkness ‘Open Fire’


This is The Darkness.

They are from Suffolk, England and carry the torch of rock.

Singer Justin Hawkins put the band on the map with his signature high falsetto singing along with brother Dan Hawkins providing some of the juiciest rock riffs this side of the 70’s.

The band recently put out a new single, ‘Open Fire’. It smacks of that 80’s The Cult rock a’la ‘Fire Woman’, but in a good way.

Also, Justin has tempered back his high register for something a little more melody friendly and comes off much less ‘schticky’.

Great rock from a great band.

This is the track that put them on the map… featuring a ridiculous high range from Justin Hawkins vocals…

And perhaps their best song ever, the over-the-top rocker, ‘Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman’…