Slipknot singer offered ‘Rock of Love’


This group of handsome fellas is Slipknot.

The singer is Corey Taylor… who really looks more like this…


He is also the lead singer of Stone Sour. And they look like this…


He has stupid money and fronts two highly successful rock bands… so what does he need help with?

Getting a girlfriend.

At least that was the thinking of some genius at VH1 who pitched him as the rockstar to follow in Brett Michael’s STD infected footprints on the “Rock Of Love” reality ‘dating’ show.

“I’ve gotten offered a lot of [non-music-related projects] over the years. I actually got called… I wanna say about seven years ago, I got called about being on ‘Rock Of Love’. I think Bret had passed on it, on one of the seasons. And I was, like, ‘Don’t ever call me again.'” Taylor said in a recent interview with the Seattle radio station KISW 99.9 FM.

“I was talking to my manager. I was, like, ‘Where the hell…? What conversation were they having where they went from one end to me? How the hell did you get to me and thought that I would be down with that?’ At first I was pissed, and then I just started laughing my… I was just, like, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding! Really?!’

The Slipknot frontman has had many opportunities to ‘cash in’ on his celebrity status, but anyone that knows the history of the band, compromising for money has never been part of the plan. “I’m not gonna be that guy that kind of cashes in my name for a quick paycheck. I would rather do what works for me, and hopefully have people come with me on that journey, than worry about anything like that. Because as long as you stick to your guns and do what works for you, you’re gonna keep the lights on, you’re gonna be able to pay your rent. And that’s all that matters to me, really.”


Some choice Slipknot cuts for the unfamiliar…