Ozzy daughter Aimée Osbourne = ARO


This is Aimée Osbourne.

Daughter to infamous rockstar Ozzy Osbourne and almost equally infamous manager/wife Sharon Osbourne (pictured above).

The resemblance to her father is uncanny.

However, she doesn’t sound like him.

The reclusive Osbourne opted out of the reality series, “The Osbournes” that thrust siblings Jack and Kelly into the spotlight along with their ‘dysfunctional’ family lifestyle.

The choice has allowed her to develop her own identity away from the circus that surrounded the rest of her family.

Recently, she has launched her career under the moniker of ARO and released her moody, somber single, ‘Raining Gold’.

While not having a deep hook, the softer EDM vibed track showcases ARO’s sultry velvety whine in a complimentary light.

And remember… that beautiful music spewed forth from the loins of this cocaine addled genius…