Review: The Casket Lottery

The Casket Lottery
“Possibles and Maybes”
(Second Nature Recordings)

20 b-sides, singles, comp. songs, and a kick ass Police cover of “Synchronicity 2” from indie rockers The Casket Lottery.  If your already familar with The Casket Lottery I’m sure you realize that this is going to be great.  They even cover the infamous “In the Meantime” from super rockers Helmet and as usual tear it up.  These songs were recorded over the span of The Casket Lottery’s existance from 1998-2003.  The diversity of “Possibles and Maybes” is shocking, there are styles that you never would have suspected would come out of The Casket Lottery.

Some of the angles explored are, classic indie rock, to harder rock, to a semi electronica tune.  The honesty in the songs is consistant and stirs the pot of the sometimes coagulated indie rock genre.  For all you Casket Lottery fans “Possibles and Maybes” will be an essential addition to your collection.  If your a fan of indie rock, this album is a great introduction to a band you’ve been missing out on.