Review: The Weakerthans

The Weakerthans
“Reconstruction Site”

The Weakerthans aren’t your average Epitaph band in that they don’t necessarily beat you about the head and neck with snare drums and blinding cymbals.  No, The Weakerthans share more with the jazzy, country stylings of alt-rocker Ryan Adams than they do with the Bro Hymns of Pennywise.  And that’s a good thing.  Leaning heavily on hook-laden riffs and lyrics as poetic as a haiku, The Weakerthans slip, slither, and slide their way through fourteen tracks of rambling post-punk.  John K. Samson (used to be in Propaghandi but decided thrash punk wasn’t his thing) and his unusual knack for simile and metaphor often comes up with such gems as, “Throw away my misery/ It never meant that much to me/ It never sent a get-well card” with regularity, ensuring that “Reconstruction Site” has plenty to offer the ear that appreciates something off the beaten path.

The understated, soulful surf sounds of the genius track “New Name for Everything” really showcases not only the lyrical prowess within The Weakerthans but also the whimsical, freewheeling nature of their music.  Compelling, interesting, and worth your time.