Review: Skinless

“From Sacrifice to Survival”
(Relapse Records)

The band is called Skinless; would you accept it if they played anything other than death metal?  Well, they do play death metal and the closest comparison I can think of off the top of my head to other death metal bands is Boltthrower circa “War Master.”  At times the vocals do back off of the big growling monster thing to do the big puking beast thing and even the straight singing/speaking thing (though not all that often) and that adds a minor element of diversity to the deathly affair.

The lyrics are of a good sort, but rather cryptic insofar as some of them don’t seem to particularly mean anything.  I like this to a certain extent.  In today’s over-the-top death and black metal world anyone can scream about Satan, his little wizards and raping quadriplegic midgets with replica decorative firearms and Scottish Claymores, but it might take a little more effort to speculate and fantasize and come up with something that Slayer didn’t already in 1983.