Review: The Business

The Business
“Hardcore Hooligan”
(BYO Records / Burning Heart)

The Business can be summed up perfectly by the closing track on their latest album entitled ‘No One Likes Us’. Basically, they’re the Business and they don’t give a fuck if anyone likes them or not. Raw and raunchy punk rock is what the Business do and what they do best. “Hardcore Hooligan” features a wealth of diversity that makes this some essential listening. Ranging from Sex Pistols sounding brilliance of a song like ‘Saturday’s Heroes’ to the almost Irish like sing along nature of ‘Southgate (Euro 96′)’, its evident that this is some great punk rock.

I think the whole “I don’t give a fuck” attitude is what’s been missing from punk rock in 2003. With artists like Kelly Osbourne and Avril Lavigne calling themselves punk, its nice to see that someone can actually turn out good, honest, punk without all the bullshit. Bands of today seem to care more about how cool they look in their promotional photo rather than if the music, The Business are a true representation of what punk rock is and should always be.