Review: Reggie and the Full Effect

Reggie and the Full Effect
“Under the Tray”

If you want to know if Reggie is right for you, one question is all it takes. “Do I like the Get Up Kids?” If your answer is yes, then Reggie is for you. If your answer was no, try something a little more high brow. The myth of Reggie is stretching a little thin. Allow me to burst your bubble. Reggie is fronted by Get Up Kids keyboardist James Dewees. I know the stories of the chili dog eating mystery man have done a lot for selling Reggie’s records, but someone had to drop the ball. The latest installment by Reggie and his full effect meets the punk standards it set for itself. “Congratulations Smack + Katy”  shines as the albums solo and with a video about the love between peanut butter and jelly to accompany it, it is sure to see some heavy rotation.

Reggie’s prison buddy, Paco, even makes an appearance in the video. The best song on the album is “Mood 4 Luv.” With a beat straight from the Cure and synthesizers dropping mad science I couldn’t keep from breaking out the I-wish-I-could-dance dance. The long and short of the album is this: it’s fun, it’s poppy, it’s punky and it isn’t taking itself seriously. Under the Tray is a great one night stand (Paco is so gentle), but if you are looking for a long-term relationship you may want to try something with a little more shelf-life.