Review: New Folk Implosion

New Folk Implosion
“The New Folk Implosion”

Productive indie pop songwriter Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) returns with, literally, The New Folk Implosion as a follow-up to the immensely successful One Part Lullaby  (Interscope, 1999). Here, Barlow is without former Folk Imploder John Davis, who left the band shortly after One Part Lullaby.  Barlow is still joined with original members Russell Pollard (Sebadoh) on drums and Imaad Wasif (Alaska and Folk Implosion) on guitar.

Helping out on this new studio are Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Grandaddy), Mickey Petralia (Beck, Eels, Luscious Jackson), and Wally Gagel (Eels, Folk Implosion, Sebadoh, Juliana Hatfield). While there is nothing on this album as catchy and full of imp act as “Natural One,” this new volume of lo-fi alt-pop follows in the same formula. Instead of of something simple and catchy for the radio, the shining gem of this album seems to be “Pearl”. This bare and stripped down songs is an honest and poignant love song personal and unadorned delivered without samples and little accompaniment to the crisp, acoustic guitar.