Review: Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel

“Darkness” is the first track on this album from Peter Gabriel. It has Tony Levin on bass, three percussionists and two drummers credited with guitars by David Rhodes, who has worked with Robert Fripp. It’s like a ProjeKct Two song for Gabriel. It is a dark, Freudian and thunderously ominous track as if to announce that this CD, while packaged as another “issue” of Gabriel’s art-pop (as sophisticated as that can be), this is something different, freer and more dangerous. This is his first studio album since the multi-million selling success of “Us” (1992). The packaging proclaims the influence of the moon and water on this album, symbols of madness and divination. A moving and compelling album that explores the powerful forces that act like gravity against the vertical upward movement of individuation, “Up” is one of the most complex and intimidating, but also ultimately rewarding solo albums from Gabriel.