Review: Off By One

Off By One

Oh Man, if I was only in my mid teen years again.  Although there are so many bands that sound similar to this right now I kind of like Off By One even though it’s post power pop punk.  After all good music is good music.  I really like the lyrics and how they are not just about a girl and how you will never have her or how you long for her.  I don’t want to hear any more of that trash.  I think the good lyrics on this record are driven by the songwriter having many of the problems talked about in the songs.  These guys dove deep into their lives to write these songs and are true to their music.  After all, these guys are all still teens and that is a trying time in a “young man’s” life.  Expressing one’s feelings is difficult, but this band does it very well.  To me, any band that makes me think about my juvenile years is doing a damn good job.  When I listen to Off By One I want to sneak out of my house at 2:00 AM, go buy some 40s of Mickey’s from the foreign guy down the street, and go break stuff.  I can’t wait to see the progress of this band.  They definitely have a bright future.