Review: Headstrong

(RCA Records / BMG)

This album is stronger than name of the band which created it.  Having said that, let me introduce the amazing group of musicians known as Headstrong.  Matt Kinna (Vocals), Joel Krass (Guitars), Jon Cohen (Bass) and Brian Matthews (Drums) produce a hard rock/hip-hop hybrid that can only be compared to 311 meets Rage Against the Machine.  The most noticeable quality of this group of Canadians is the complexity of the music and the incredible technique.  “All of the Above” comprises the kick-ass album opener with its killing-in-the-name-of bass licks layered with gutsy, ultra-distorted guitar.  Add to the mix the singing/rapping talents of the lead vocalist and you have perfection!  Moving through the album is easy since there is no recycled material resulting in a variety of listening.  “Adriana” slows the pace a bit with a softer opener then slides into a Collective Soul-like metal groove.  Very kool shit!  The band has been influenced by many different bands which helps create the unique style they so bravely possess.  Stylistic planning brings one to “Hoodies & Hoods” with the light hip-hop groove exploding into the metal bonanza you would already expect this late in the album.  Drag your computer by and check out an MP3, video or their history with Farmclub and how they wowed so many fans in the audience.  “Headstrong” is definitely a must-have for a metal or hip-hop lover or both.  Guaranteed to please, Headstrong will arise from the bowels of the independent music scene triumphant.  The only question is: Will you be there to see it?  If you catch them on June 30th at Cane’s Bar & Grill then you will.  Don’t miss it.