Review: Over Kill

Over Kill
“Wrecking Everything – Live”

Recorded live in New Jersey in late March of this year, this album catches Over Kill raw, powerful, tight and energetically on.  To use the cliché, well-oiled machine, wouldn’t be wrong to describe Over Kill’s performance, but it would be awfully lazy of me to slip into cliché-addled writing but it’s too late for apologies now.  The damage has been done. Over Kill cuts a wide swathe through their career with the songs played coming off eight different albums including their first four which are the Over Kill albums I’m
familiar with.  The set list contains such scorchers as “Evil Never Dies” and the classic Over Kill anthem “In Union We Stand.”  Of further interest about the set list they opt out of playing their MTV tunes: “Hello From the Gutter” and “Elimination.”  I assume there is a reason for this, maybe some sort of rejection of that element of their career or just a loathing of having had to play their
“hits” one too many goddamn times on tours past.  But that’s fine by me on this 13 track 70 minute plus live album with very little bullshit stage banter stealing time away from the songs.  If you were ever a fan of Over Kill, but got rid of those old cassette tapes when converting your collection over to CD and never bothered replacing them, well then this is your chance to catch up with some old friends and see how they’re doing today you old mullet-headed heshing fruitcake.