Review: Kutless

(Tooth and Nail)

Another band using heavy guitars and metal production values and applying it to downtempo dreary soul-searching pop songs.  The first song on the album, if it’s indicative of what’s to follow, and, oh brother is it, is a pathetic affectation of emotion about needing somebody.  This is for fans of Linkin Park.  It’s a big fucking waste of my time to even be listening to this melancholic mish-mash of adolescent heartbreak pretending to be heavy metal.

Go home, hit a few D-Chords, and read your ninth grade sister’s poetry.  There, you are now a one man band version of Kutless.  Now you can probably record that slop, give Tooth and Nail Records a call and get a contract.  Of course, they’ll want to bring in other musicians and a producer capable of plastic coating your feeble bullshit in order to turn it into the safest, most saccharine slop ever to hit a molested record buyer’s ears since Kutless!  Hey!  Hey!