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Kottonmouth Kings “Classic Hits Live” (Suburban Noize)

Time to spark up a joint and blaze with ya’ homies! Just like D-Loc says in the opening intro to disc 1 of this live record, “Fuck the radio. Fuck MTV.” This is the real shit. Everyone’s favorite stoners are back once again delivering all the hits in the form of a live record. ‘Bump’, ‘Day Dreaming Fazes’, ‘Positive Vibes’ and “Peace Not Greed’ are all here in full force and have never sounded better. Compiled from performances during the “Rollin’ Stoned” tour, this is a great live record that serves as a kind of greatest hits for the old school KMK kids or as a great entry disc for any KMK virgins. The song selection for this live disc is about as sweet as a puff of some Kings Blend, with every record represented with the best tracks. I’ve made no bones about my love for the Kings in this magazine and I don’t give a fuck what anybody says because the Kottonmouth Kings are the most versatile and diverse rappers to arrive on the scene in the past 10 years. Like I’ve said once before, if the Beastie Boys starting rocking the ganja and writing good tunes again they’d be the Kottonmouth Kings. Actually, fuck that shit because KMK is here now so enjoy them in all their glory.

J ames Wright