Review: Ignatius

“Baggage Handler”
(Out Records)

Ignatius is Brought to us from San Diego by Steve Westbrook.  When listening to the first part of this excursion, nothing obvious comes to mind.  He has a way of leading you down a different path than what is expected.   A groove isn’t created and then ripped away for dramatic purposes, a weakness I find in a lot of what is frequently called IDM.  It devolves and evolves into something completely different. These tracks feel as if there have been extracted from base elements.  Pure electronic, like being able to record and play back the pulse of an molecule.

As the recording stretches on we are brought into realms of mesmerizing cycles and slippery breaks.  The last two tracks feel distinctly different from the rest of this release.  Track 9 has a pleasant floaty feel with plucked melodies.  Track 10 sounds like an electronic insect that has crawled into a recording device leaving its chemical trail.  Overall this is an intriguing CD.