CD Review: Jumbo’s Killcrane “Carnaval De Carne”

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Jumbo’s Killcrane
“Carnaval De Carne”
(Crucial Blast)

Not since Nirvana’s “Bleach” has there been a successful sludgy-noise fest that all came together in one beautiful work of art. With such a heavy comparison to one of my favorite bands, it was with great pleasure I checked out Jumbo’s Killcrane. Obviously created with a tip of the hat to Kurdt and company, “Carnaval De Carne” seems to teeter between noise and genius. ‘Tonymegshi’ is defiant and belligerent in it’s feedback ridden dirge, while tracks like ‘Gasmouth’ are unique in assembly and delivery. The genius comes through in the delivery of the band’s delivery. The noise part comes from the band’s long drawn out songs that often seem to drift off into nowhere with a real lack of musical direction. Some may see their “fault” as a unique part of the band’s appeal where others will claim that the material is too schizophrenic. Genius or insane? You decide. Highly recommended for Melvins fans or those who still play the shit out of their copy of “Bleach”.
James Wright