Review: Keelhaul

“Subject to Change Without Notice”
(Hydra Head)

Keelhaul play super heavy, thrashy music, mostly driven by the instruments and their chaotic, staccato riffs, rather than any real vocals.  Sound interesting?  Well, you’re an idiot.  Sorry, that was uncalled for.  You’re not an idiot, you’re just easily entertained.  Read on.  The dozen tracks on “Subject to Change” are a cacophony of sludgy pseudo-metal, albeit a technically correct metal, employing the methods of a Dillenger Escape Plan and mixing it with the madness of a Sepultura.

The result, sadly, is something far removed from these seminal acts.  “Shackleton” is probably my favorite track but not necessarily because of the music (it sounds as leaden as the rest of the release) but mostly because I think Shackleton is my favorite explorer.  If you haven’t ever read “South” or “Endurance” then you are truly a sad sack.  Listen at your own risk.