Review: Deep Concentration 4

Deep Concentration 4
“Wrecking The Floor”
(Deep com/Om Records)

Off the top! This CD/comp has “Madd Club Bangers”. Some tracks outshine others, but all said it, has strong production all the way through. The 15 cuts that make up the disc will make any HipHop DJ’s crate fatter. Most of the production work ranges from keyboards to the tried and true MPC. The
compilation features mostly underground artist doing what they do best.

Those who are following the latest trends of the over-hyped, need not apply. Stand-outs tracks bieng The Nextmens “31st Februarby”, Planet Asia’s “Sinista Scratch”, or the burner by Strange Fruit Project “Speed Bump”. Strong rymes and dope songwritting, coupled with solid production work makes “D.C.4”, compelling Hiphop ya’ll.