Review: Longwave

“The Strangest Things”

The Longwave’s latest, “The Strangest Things” is a record of colorful, emotional tunes with each track exhibiting different personalities.  The idea isn’t to blow you away with pompous exhibitions of musical know-how. This is an example of how letting true emotion and the use of clever accents can make a simple tune into a piece of art. The overall personality of the record is melancholy, in a U2 “War” kind of way. The bass and drums warmly flow, the guitars pick through notes accenting the rolling bass lines, and at times syncopate with the other instruments for a larger display. The vocals accompany

Longwave’s music perfectly, they are heartfelt, thoughtful, honest and are the final touch on this great record. Some may say that the Longwave sound is a lot like that of fellow scene mates, and friends, The Strokes. While this may be somewhat true, who fuckin’ cares?  One listen to “The Strangest Things” and it will become clear that Longwave have depth, originality, and shouldn’t be labeled as a rip-off.  Two thumbs up, four stars, and all that shit. I can hardly wait for the next record.