Review: I Defy

I Defy
““The Firing Line””

Dear God, I think I just dropped a load in my pants.  This is some of the sweetest hardcore I’ve heard in months!  Furious and relentless, this stuff attacks your ears like a pit-bull setting course for a chunk of baby fat.  Not to detract from either band, but listening to The Firing Line has the same emotional destruction as the first time you heard Converge.

But add to that, with a lot cleaner production, and a little touch of Refused’s over-the-top delivery as accented by these pummeling breakdowns!  How the hell can one band do so much without being at the top of the heap?  It’s just a matter of time, kiddies…then all of you will be frontin’ in your I Defy t-shirt, talking about how you’re old school. Whatever…just buy the fucking album.