Review: Iron Fire

Iron Fire
“On The Edge”
(Noise Records)

Iron Fire says, “Hail to the power, spirit and might of Heavy metal!”  Well, there is that exclamation point so they’re not just saying it; they’re screaming it, my brothers. With a vocalist sounding like a cross between H.R. of Bad Brains and Geddy Lee of Rush (either that or a retarded third cousin twice removed of Axl Rose) and a fairly pedestrian band ripe with standardized chord progressions and a lack of confidence that shines through in over used guitar effects, Iron Fire are the crowned princes of clown metal. My biggest question is why a group of musicians who clearly worked hard writing their songs would allow them to be vomited upon in the manner vocalist, Martin Steene deems fit to puke.  If there was anything salvageable in the music itself, which is doubtful, the caterwauling of Martin soundly halts all salvage work. The low down: this is silly euro-power metal complete with evil laughter, demonic voices, “space age” synth effects and the lyrical appearances of sorcerers, wizards, wicked imps and maybe even an Oompa Loompa or two.  If this is the sort of thing that salts your nuts and chills your beer then hurray for you; you’re far more masochistic than I.  That said, I can only give this six thumbs up.