Review: Godhead



I’ll get this out front right away, this is my least favorite Godhead release.  Generally speaking, the band was/is kind of a futuristic rock vibe. With that spacey, undercurrent of electronics that subvert the heavier guitar riffage.  For a generic comparison, think the pop difference between Orgy and NIN.  Godhead hold up a poppier end of the spectrum, but don’t bog things down with cheesy rhyme schemes and bubbly synth hooks.  Rather, it’s a darker, edgier rock (but again, with enough pop sensibilities, especially in vocalist Jason Miller’s delivery) to keep “Evolver” almost radio ready.  If anything, this newest release shows Godhead letting up on the electronics and focusing more on the “song”.

Miller’s vocals are stellar, and this works if they are trying to find a radio hit, but suffers the creativity in the music that was shown on previous albums.  The songs on Evolver are much more straightforward, standard rock songs.  Solid enough, but I don’t hear any of the chances they took on previous releases.

Is this album a reaction to the death of electronic music?  (I know it didn’t really die, but if we say it enough in the press, maybe some of these bedrooms DJ’s will hang it up).  On the song, “The Giveaway” Godhead sounds like the band I’ve appreciated in the past with it’s lone electronic break downs and scream-along-chorus.

Another notable track is “Fade Away” which shows Godhead in a heavier mode with a metallic chugga of guitar that brings in the track while single warm keyboard notes fall sparsely on top.  This is when Godhead shines.  In these moments when the band combines these disparate elements together, making something work well that probably shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, on “Evolver” these moments don’t come nearly enough.  Godhead seems to be striving for a much more “rock” sound on this album, and are lesser for it.