Review: Chaos UK

Chaos UK
(Dead Ringer)

What can I say?  Chaos UK is a loud, noisy punk band, and this is the re-issue of their first album that was supposedly never available in the United States.  If you like old school UK punk like Conflict, Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni and old MDC, then you’re obviously not going to go wrong picking this CD up and if the album’s original eleven tracks aren’t enough for you, then this re-issue is fleshed out with an additional eleven bonus tracks.

That’s twice as many songs for those of you who can’t do the math. Chaos UK hits me on a more base level; they strike an animalistic chord.  They’re more of a “tear the fucking walls down and punch holes in the ceiling” punk band for me than the somewhat more intellectual strains of punkiness found in Crass and the Dead Kennedy’s.  Go out and get some real punk in your diet.  Your Green Day cover band could use some more variegated influences.  I know you think that that NOFX CD in your collection makes you old school enough for your fourteen year old girlfriend, but once her breast buds fully develop into womanly mams she’ll dump you for the first Chaos UK fan that introduces her to the joys of hard cider.