Review: David Cross

David Cross
“Shut Up You Fucking Baby!”
(Sub Pop)

From the bowels of the dirty, sometimes horribly inept but  always clever now cancelled HBO skit show, ‘Mr. Show with  Bob and David’, comes a two disc standup record, minus  Bob. Yeah, it’s David Cross. You may remember him from  other memorable film moments like the coroner in ‘Men In  Black’, as Dwight in ‘Scary Movie 2’ or the fake Pootie in  ‘Pootie Tang’. He also is the star in ‘Run Ronnie Run!’, a  great film (saw a bootleg) based off a sketch from the HBO  show, and may never see the light of day due to haggles  with distribution.

So, he’s been in some movies. David’s also a comedian  whose specialty tends to hover around popular blacker  comedy like religion, drugs and homosexuality. And it’s  fucking funny. Is it worth buying? That’s hard to say.  Comedy albums suck due to their limited repeat factor. Buy  a music CD that becomes your favorite and you very well  may spin that disc over a thousand times; how many times  can you listen to the same jokes? Luckily, this is a full  two disc set which makes this a two hour job, and it’s  fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the  above mentioned subjects. Do some research, check out  Cross’s stuff, and then go buy this album.