Review: Dirty Three

Dirty Three
““She Has No Strings Apollo””
(Touch and Go Records)

Don’’t let the name of this band mislead you; “Dirty Three” is in no way a greasy rock and roll band.  No, the “Dirty Three” is something else.  Something entirely different.  “Dirty Three” is a quasi folk/classical string ensemble with drums and a dash of rock influence.  “She Has No Strings Apollo” is the group’s sixth studio album and was recorded in the lovely city of Melbourne, Australia.  Perhaps the origin of the recording reflects on the groups sound?  Maybe.

Beginning with the personnel we have Warren Ellis (violin, piano), Mick Turner (guitar, bass, organ) and Jim white (drums).  Just looking at the line up tells one they are in for something completely different.  Staring at the cover will be a byproduct of owning this CD since the artwork is magnificent and matches the music perfectly.  When you insert the small disc into the drive you get an instant reaction which never leaves you: You are witnessing something special.

Track one, “Alice Wading”, sets the tone for the whole album with its moving string lines and guitar spatter.  The elements “Dirty Three” uses will immerse you into a tank of liquefied neo-classic adventurism.  Moving through the album is easy and smooth with each song taking on a personality of its own.  All the tracks are purely instrumental, no vocals, but this does not take away from the soundscape they create.  “Long Way to go with no Punch” begins with a nice little piano line interwoven with violin melodies and sparse guitar strums.  Truly, “Dirty Three” has been born of great genius.

With great emotion, “Dirty Three” has proven the use of strings, sometimes distorted guitar and drums will work with the right people and writing.  Drown yourself in the haze of the creative works of “She Has no Strings Apollo”.