Review: The Early November

The Early November
““For All Of This””

This band has been getting a lot of hype for being one of the best new indie rock bands to hit the scene in the past year.  My brother had an opportunity to see them at the Warped Tour this last summer and said they were really good live too.  As a first attempt ep I’ve got to agree with my bro.  I just wish there weren’t so many bands that sound like this right now because it would make them much more memorable.  If only the world weren’t opening their eyes to music that actually sounds good (no offense to Creed, Kid Rock, or Uncle Kracker, actually, fuck em’, suck my dick you shitty bands out there).

The most significant part about this band is singer Ace Enders’ voice which is a pristine rendition of raw emotion.  I really like the tracks “Take Time And Find” and “We Write The Wrong” because those two really showcase the raw ability of this band.  Shit, I’ve already burned this record for five people and I’ve had the disc for a week (sue me record clowns!).  It’s weird but people hear The Early November and instantly like them.  I know all the drive-thru bands sound about the same, but The Early November one is far better than the lot of them.