Review: Stay Tuned For The Holidays”: A Crank! Sampler

Various Artists
““Stay Tuned For The Holidays”: A Crank! Sampler”
(Crank! Records)

Old friend, for sure your time had past, with your dense arthritic arms outstretched to greet what once was great.  The girth of your branches shows the true magnitude of what once was a densely populated existence.  All has withered to nothingness, but your time has come again, for you remain to bring me joy once more.

Crank! has been home to many great bands and now the label has returned with this sampler featuring tracks from Vitreous Humor, The Gloria Record, Far Apart, Errortype 11, Onelinedrawing (live version of “Better Than This”), The Icarus Line, Cursive, Fireside, Jupither, Sunday’s Best, The Vehicle Birth, Mineral (“If I Could,” my favorite song of all-time), Acrobat Down, Silver Scooter, Boys Life, Christie Front Drive, and The Regrets.

If you are looking for some new bands to listen to there is a gamut of acts I would recommend on this sampler.  From your groundbreaking acts such as Christie Front Drive (Jimmy Eat World’s mentors), Cursive, or Mineral, to some of the best acts of the day like Acrobat Down and Sunday’s Best, there is something here for just about anyone.  Help support what is, was, and will be by supporting a label with some of the best bands the Earth has ever known.