Review: Channel 3

Channel 3
(Doctor Strange Records)

According to the sticker on the cover of the CD, this is the best Channel 3 album since 1982’s “Fear of Life”  1982!? Fuck!. That means these guys have to be at the very least in their mid 30’s.  They are still tearing shit up.  This thrashy punk-to-the-max album will be a ruling edition to any skate/bar punks record collection.  I swear every day I hope I will continue to play, and listen to music, and stay as pumped on rock as I am now until the day I’m six feet down.

This is a good punk record, and a big FUCK YOU! to anyone who thinks that getting older means forgeting what you love.  Either that or as I get older I’m trying to convince myself and everyone else that I can endure the trials of time and still be cool.  Hope it works! Channel 3 is punking hard.