Review: The Boggs

The Boggs
“We Are The Boggs We Are”
(Arena Rock Recording Co.)

I just don’t think the world and I are ready for bluegrass music.  This shit is just flat out weird.  “we are the boggs we are” is twenty songs of a guy playing one of those little guitars (ukulele?) which was produced on what must have been prehistoric equipment because the sound quality is often lacking.  Actually, this whole album is in mono which is a throwback in itself.  This band could play at one of those country town hoedowns where the person who bakes the best pie gets heralded as the town queen.  No wait, remember in Titanic (the movie) when they go to the lower decks of the ship and that weird pauper music was playing, this band sounds like that.  I wish I could tell you more, but this is a tough one.