Review: CKY

“Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild”

I’m sick and tired of seeing the latest nu-metal band or “emotionally melodic” band cross my desk. Finally something new an original! CKY are most notable as that band on MTV’s Jackass but for someone like me, who was unaware of Jackass until the movie, these guys are a breath of fresh air. With spaced out jams, great melodies and killer grooves these guys are incredible. There is an infectious element to CKY’s music that will keep you coming back for more like an addicted crack whore. The thing I liked most about this record was the fact that every time you listen to it you hear a little bit more ear candy that you hadn’t heard before.

‘Flesh Into Gear’shows the band at their best with this melodic spaced out jam, ‘Close Yet So Far’ shows CKY as a diverse creation with their great acoustics, ‘Inhuman Creation Station’ has a this amazing groove that will force you to sing along and bob your head. Each song is diverse and distinct in it’s own right without compromising the overall package. “Destroy, Infiltrate, Rebuild” brings music back to the days when it was about creating a great ALBUM and not creating one or two hit singles. One the best releases of 2002.