Review: Capdown

“Pound for the Sound”

Well, well, well, we’ve got a bit of BritSka here.  Haven’t heard any of this since, well, ever.  Capdown used to be called Soap, but they dropped that and decided to put out an album here in America.  Not a bad choice, really, considering Soap sounds like those wicked gay shoes that you can X-treme walk in.  Anyway, Capdown fuse little bits of Screeching Weasel styled punk with the two-toned ska of Less Than Jake, creating an animal that sounds quite a bit like Slapstick.

While ska of any kind whatsoever is often enough to piss just about the most levelheaded punker off, Capdown thankfully keep it to a minimum, focusing instead on the heavier stuff.  Still, with tracks like “Faith No More” and its incessant horns (to say nothing of its questionable title), one begins to worry about the integrity of the release as a whole.

Lyrically, Capdown is pretty standard, offering a bit of punk sensibilities to go along with the inanities often associated with the entire ska movement.  Nobody is going to confuse these guys with The Clash or Sublime, but that’s not to say they suck.  They just don’t make you want to skank, nahsayin?  Sure you do, damn soaper.