Review: Christiansen

““Stylish Nihilists””

You know what is funny?  Ozzy Osborne  tries to say his “stammering” is because of where he grew up, his native dialect, and we all know it’s caused by all the fucking drugs he did.  Once more, the guy shakes so bad he should be on a chocolate milk commercial shaking chocolate into milk like the guy in the blizzard.  Christiansen is another band that sincerely believes they are going to break all musical barriers and prove that all other bands suck ass.  I don’’t understand why bands have to prove other bands suck.  Why can’’t bands learn to let their music do the talking for them and quit blowing their own horns?

Alright, so Christiansen is your run of the mill rock bands who tries desperately to incorporate their influences that range from break beat to reggae in their music with marginal success.  The lyrics are often just a little too direct and seem to be written as if to be short stories.  These guys verbally assault many type of music I hold to be near and dear and if you as me that is just being a selfish prick.  I bet these kids don’t even know what a nihilist is.