Review: Calico System

Calico System
“The Duplicated Memory”

We have guitars that go: chugger, chugger, chugger, chugger, chug-chug.  We got a singer that goes: “Grrrrrrowowwwwlll”.  We got drums that are mixed really loud.  We got little drops of blood splattered all over our jacket liner.  We got punk influenced metal in the vein of Sworn Enemy here.  Chug-chug.  Calico System bring plenty of noise on “The Duplicated Memory”, and not all of it is obnoxiously over the top chug-chug.

Several tracks (“Suicide Common”, most notably) offer a glimpse of a more melodic side that allows the album as a whole a nice transition from its harder and faster kindred.  Still, Calico System doesn’t do much to impress in the way of originality or creativity.  Now, if you don’t mind, I need to do a little Christmas shopping.  For myself.