Review: Calling Blue Skies

Calling Blue Skies
““Thanks To You””
(Downfall Records)

What does it mean to call for blue skies?  I’ve always pictured some little old “rain man” American Indian chanting some crazy shit while he trips out on some opiates like nutmeg or peyote.  The poor little guy tries to chant his seasonal depression away, but ends up on a magical journey like Homer Simpson when he ate that crazy hot jalapeño pepper.

There is one thing for sure, this pop-punk outfit does not call on any blue skies unless sounding like you are about ten years from making a dent in the affluent music scene is one of the qualifications.  Look let’s be straight, if you are going to attempt the high notes you better be sure you can hit them with some real gusto.  If I want to hear The Get Up Kids or the Anniversary I’ll pop in their split 7”.  God damn QBass made it so just about anyone with $500 can make a record.  Follow your dreams, but make sure you’re not dreaming.